What Is Sife? | SIFE Nottingham

What Is Sife?

SIFE is an international organization that mobilizes university students around the world to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. More than 30,000 students participate in SIFE. They represent 1,800 universities in more than 47 countries.

Support is provided by hundreds of leading companies from around the world. SIFE students form teams on their university campuses and develop community outreach projects that equip others with the knowledge and skills to achieve greater economic success.

SIFE students are positively affecting the lives of millions of people.  As these students succeed at helping others, they develop stronger business and leadership skills as well as a commitment to the community and world around them.

SIFE represents the largest worldwide network of student, academic and business leaders.  They share a passion for helping others achieve success and through SIFE, are experiencing the unique rewards of using their business skills to help create a better world

SIFE Nottingham

SIFE Nottingham is the team from the University of Nottingham, a UK top 10 and Global top 70 university.

Since the inception of SIFE in the United Kingdom back in 2002, SIFE Nottingham has been awarded the top accolade in more than half of all National Competitions, and our fourth consecutive UK championship in April 2008 has seen us recognised as one of the most successful and coveted teams in SIFE world history.

We plan and implement community outreach projects based in Nottingham, the East Midlands, the United Kingdom and across the globe with the aim of ‘creating economic opportunity’ for all.

Our team effectively initiates, manages and develops business projects in both the local and international community to maximize business opportunity, and help others to realize their potential.