Meet The Team

“As President I am responsible for the overall day-to-day running of the team and our 91 members, which is planned to develop at the start of the coming academic year.  This role also requires me to advise and mentor new project leaders, liaise with our sponsors and BAB on a regular basis, and co-ordinate the long term strategy for our team with senior management. Being part of SIFE Nottingham for a third year now has been incredible. The experiences of competing for New York for the 2007 World Cup and presenting and winning at the 2008 UK Championships were truly inspirational, but I understand that we as a team need to work hard for the next year to remain on top. I am extremely excited at our project portfolio not just for this year, but for years to come… It is truly fantastic to be part of something that really does have the power to contribute to the positive change that many wish to see in the world!


“My role as Vice-President means I have to assist Charlotte (President) in most of her responsibilities, so helping her to make key decisions and often taking on some of her workload at hectic times. I am also leading the ‘Flagged project this year so am doing all I can to ensure that my team achieves some great
results. SIFE Nottingham has without a doubt changed my life. The skills I have learnt not only from participating in projects, but the experiences of the National Competition and travelling to India to start a project has been something to savour”


 “Just like Phil, I have to work with the President a lot in overseeing the co-ordination of the entire team, advisors and sponsors, as well as leading my own project. I am eagerly looking forward to this year in SIFE Nottingham. Even though I have a lot more responsibility, our potential as a team to make a difference in the communities we are working in is huge.”


“As the teams Marketing Officer my responsibilities lie in training a team to provide support for events and projects through producing any promotional media that is required. I am also beginning work on an innovative new approach to marketing for SIFE Nottingham by rejuvenating our website and utilising the power of Web 2.0. My main goal is to propel our exposure on the internet, giving our sponsors more recognition whilst generating revenues for SIFE Nottingham. Being part of this team has been one of my best experiences ever. From presenting at national and global competitions to sowing the seeds for what is hopefully going to be a competition winning project in the future in South India, I feel I’ve developed 100 fold since joining SIFE Nottingham.”


“As the Human Resources Officer I have to make sure that as a team we recruit the most committed and talented students from the university and the business school to ensure our long-term success. I am organising a series of recruitment drives aimed at 1st and 2nd years in the first few weeks of the academic year to make this possible. I also I have to liaise with a number of companies who are keen to put on workshops and training events for the team. I am extremely excited about the forthcoming year and have a lot of responsibility as the size of our team is expected to grow from the 91 members we had last year”


“I carry out most of the technical requests for the team from being the administrator of our website to helping produce PowerPoint presentations and editing video footage for use at the national and global competitions. This year Im going to be working closely with Chris, our Marketing Officer, on redesigning the website and using technology to SIFE Nottingham’s advantage.